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People Power?

This song definitely feels appropriate to this post, it’s hard to keep the motivation up sometimes but Bob Marley talks some sense to help us moving along… Bob Marley – Get Up Stand Up  This week I … Continue reading

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Ostrich Politics

There seems to be a pattern developing with the ConDem government, issuing directives to Secretaries of State to make savings, then reacting with bewildered surprise that this actually has an impact on people, then palming off the blame. There’s definitely a bit … Continue reading

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Local battles

Song for today, lifted straight from a Facebook post by The Coalition of Resistance ( who have been putting up some wonderful music (facebook page here!/pages/Coalition-of-Resistance-Cant-Pay-Wont-Pay/137748819598933 if you want to sign up). Tracy Chapman – Revolution And so, from not two-and-a-half years … Continue reading

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A Complaint

Ok as promised to start, a song for your listening pleasure while you read. I’d never heard of Show of Hands before I saw them on The Andrew Marr Show on Sunday just gone. Listen to the lyrics and you’ll … Continue reading

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An introduction to politics, poetry and equality.

Hello and welcome to my blog! I feel I should say a little about myself and the reason for my rambling and rhyming rather than just launch straight into the blogging part, so here we go. Over the last couple … Continue reading

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