Respect to the Protestors

It’s been brought to my attention that a lot of what I’ve written so far is quite depressing, so I sat down to think up a more positive post, which was extremely difficult! However you’ll be pleased and doubtless relieved to hear that I came up with something. But before we start, song for today;

T-Rex – Children of the Revolution

I’ve busied myself with posting links on my facebook page to various recent protests against local government spending cuts. My personal experience (as summarised in my previous post – People Power?) was relatively tame in comparison to some, notably Lambeth where the protestors occupied the council chamber and held their own “People’s Assembly” forcing the meeting to be moved and Haringey where the Civic Centre was occupied. However I like the feeling that what I was involved in is happening everywhere so I did a google search, the results of which are contained in the poem that follows. There’s a groundswell of movement where the various factions can’t always see each other. The poem below, attempts to give an overview of the happenings and actors although actually only covers a fraction. It’s also a tribute to those people, complete with links through which you can find out more about any of those mentioned;

This poem is to express my utmost respect
To those fighting policies pushed by those we elect
To The People who don’t just talk but act
And don’t wait to react until after the fact

To UK Uncut taking action directly
For organising 26th March – respect TUC
To the people who were heard at the booths in Barnsley
To those circling the Town Hall in Hackney
Those in Lambeth at the People’s Assembly
For rejecting Cameron’s plan, the Council at Liverpool City.

Respect to Southwark when the Council meet
Where the deputations were not allowed to speak
To the marchers in Barnet, taking the street
To the protestors charging the Civic Centre in Wood Green

To the facebook posters and twittering tweeters
Keep spreading the word, never-ending bloggers

To those who face death in Egypt and Libya
To Mohammed Bouazizi who started it in Tunisia

To the students in the UK, starting the revolution
To the cold and hungry, holed up in occupation
To all the people across the nation
Who fight to see these policies undone
Norwich, Ealing, Portsmouth and Camden
Hull, Tower Hamlets, Bury and Sefton,
Hastings, Oxfordshire, Chichester, Kingston
Argyll and Bute, Lancashire, Lewisham
Stay angry and carry on
Fighting, until this battle is won.

I’ll admit it, I haven’t read the entirety of every single link above, but a quick glance gives a wonderful insight into what is happening across the nation. Feelings are running high with occupations, protestors forcing entry into meetings, arrests and more.

If you read “People Power?” you’ll know that I was feeling somewhat dispondant immediately after the demonstration and it took me some time to recognise that what I had done was worthwhile. As I’ve written this post and taken in what is going on around the country I’m left in no doubt as I realise I wasn’t just part of a couple of hundred protestors at a local council demonstration, I am part of thousands of protestors across the country, all doing their own part. That is quite a warming and motivating feeling. We’re everywhere, come and join us.

“You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result” – Gandhi

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2 Responses to Respect to the Protestors

  1. liam says:

    Hi soapboxpat

    I like your stuff, has a similar focus to some things that I’ve written. I’ll leave one here, let me know what you think.


    Chucked out of home by their accord
    You stink, get out!
    They inwardly shout
    Not even a dirty look can they afford

    As those without
    Are herded to ghetto,
    No jobs, no schools
    Just a cut-price Netto,

    A steady line of hanging heads
    Being dragged into the ground
    By shopping bags of daily bread
    Are Making sure the rich are crowned.

    Admittedly we need some help
    And words are said to keep up hope
    But who will respond to every little yelp
    The suited hangmen preparing our rope?

    In order to avoid ‘economic slump’
    Policy is writ with no questions asked
    To see the expansion of the human dump
    And squeeze each body until the last.

    From national health to individual wealth
    No help for the poor lying in ditch
    Relegated now to a life of stealth;
    It works out cheaper to serve the rich,

    But most of this in their head:
    The crafted rules of their dangerous game.
    So give us the sign and let it be said
    We will not sit here wallowing in shame.

    • soapboxpat says:

      Hi Liam

      Thanks for taking the time to have a read and for posting your poem! I very much enjoyed it, very evocative and paints a clear picture in the mind.



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