Keeping on

The machine keeps on operating
The wealthy keep on accumulating
MPs keep on pontificating
Bankers keep on money-making
The poor we keep on ignoring
Bitterness keeps on storing
Violence keeps on exploding
Prisons keep on overflowing
Leaders keep on lying
Children keep on dying
Governments keep on oppressing
The rest of us keep on guessing
Injustice keeps on replicating
Capitalism keeps on capitulating
The machine keeps on operating
And we’re not saying, anything.

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2 Responses to Keeping on

  1. Emma says:

    You are mate! youre challenging people….so when’s the revolution?!

    • soapboxpat says:

      Ha! Thanks for the supportive messages mate, much appreciated!

      Relatively speaking though, we as a nation are not saying anything. The income of the wealthy continues to rise exponentially, while the middle gets “squeeed” and the poor remain destitute.

      Why are we not rioting in the street about this?

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