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Knife crime sentencing

This week the Justice Secretary, Kenneth Clarke announced automatic jail terms for 16 and 17 year-olds found guilty of knife offences. In fairness to Mr Clarke, this seems to be a result of pressure from within his own party as … Continue reading

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The Riots: Official whys and wherefores

The Ministry of Justice has now concluded that “It is clear that compared to population averages, those brought before the courts were more likely to be in receipt of free school meals or benefits, were more likely to have had … Continue reading

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Memories of Northern Ireland

In recent years I’ve realised that I know some truly fascinating people, I’ve also realised that the opportunity to learn from them is not to be missed. After my trip to Northern Ireland, which brought back many memories, I got … Continue reading

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How does “The 99%” become The 99%?

Mother Soapbox and I paid a visit to the London Stock Exchange Occupation on Tuesday.  Despite a chilling wind which had us dashing for a cuppa fairly swiftly, I’m very pleased to report that the camp is sturdy and well-equipped, … Continue reading

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Leaving the Youth Offending Service

Friday was my last day at the Youth Offending Service (YOS), it was also my last working day in London and in the U.K., at least for the forseeable future. Australia and a new set of challenges beckons. A combination … Continue reading

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The momentum gathers…

Occupy Wall Street is fast becoming Occupy The World. With demonstrations now in 950 cities in 82 countries this movement has spread like wildfire. On 15 October a peacful occupation started outside St Paul’s cathedral after the following call to … Continue reading

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The tide of protest – Occupy Wall Street

Last Saturday, Occupy Wall Street protestors shut down Brooklyn Bridge as part of a campaign against corporate influence in politics and the greed and corruption of the top 1%. There was a showdown with the NYPD and 700 protestors were … Continue reading

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