A visit to the Youth Offending Team

Low Self Esteem
comes in through the door
Behavioural Difficulty
enters reception
Anger, Anger and Anger
give their names.

Poverty slumps
on a worn out chair
releases a sigh
and wonders where
Opportunity is.

Poor Parenting is called
into an interview room
Bad Neighbourhood bemoans Boredom
to the man
with a pen and pad.

Failed Education
says goodbye and leaves
Violent Childhood
slopes back to the street
catches Hope’s eye
and kicks a can into the gutter.

Crime hunches his shoulders
puts his hood up
and ambles off
in Prosperity’s shadow.

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One Response to A visit to the Youth Offending Team

  1. scouse says:

    Love it! check out the award winning poem from this young person – Robert Marston, aged 11. Very similar style to yours. I met a writer who had worked with him and entered the poem. Amazing story of finding talent where people often forget it is… if only we gave more young people a chance to use their amazing creativity to express their emotions.


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