Financial professionals earn too much, say Financial professionals

This week, the St Pauls Institute published the results of a ComRes poll which found that;

The majority of FS (Financial Services) professional think that bankers, stock brokers, FTSE 100 chief executives, lawyers and city bond traders are paid too much

75% agree that there is too great a gap between rich and poor

This is encouraging although I have to wonder what the outcome would have been from a survey that asked “are you willing to earn less to redress this?”. Possibly less encouraging. Perhaps more telling is the finding that;

“‘Salary and bonuses’ are the most important motivation for professionals working in the FS sector in London for 2 in 3 (64%) participants. ‘Enjoyment of the work’ comes a distant second”.

However, the understanding amongst Financial Service professionals that there is a problem, is something that can be built upon. Who knows? Maybe one day we will start to see the growing gap between rich and poor start to reverse.

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