Dare to feel the stomach pangs
of a starving child, dare
to understand the sorrow
of a desperate mother, dare
to feel the helplessness
of the father who cannot protect.

Dare to feel the fear
of a community persecuted
for reason of colour, race or religion.

Dare to feel the pain
of the tortured who writes,
speaks or stands proud.

Dare to imagine the frustration
of the oppressed
in every country and continent.
Dare to imagine children’s dreams smashed
before growing into the spectacular
never chased with unbounded joy.

Dare to see your everything destroyed
loved ones gone
by metal hatred flying
at the bidding of those far away.

Dare to be the abused
the forgotten and ignored.
Dare to be an unperson
of the unpeople.

Dare to believe that there is another way
and dare to fight for it.

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One Response to Daring?

  1. Scott Pezy-James says:

    great poem, it should be part of every private school’s arts curriculum.

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