PPE top posts of 2011

I have noticed on other blogs that I follow, posts indicating the most popular articles of the year just gone. In a desperate attempt to avoid originality, I thought I would do the same. Below are some of the posts that were viewed the most and one or two of my own personal favourites.

Far and away the most read post of the year was “A riot is the language of the unheard”, which I wrote in the midst of the UK riots. What an astonishing week that was, I can’t say that many of those that expressed an opinion on this article agreed with my analysis, but I felt it was important to express an alternative view to the outpourings of anger that dominated during that week. The follow-up post, Searching for soul searching, was also well-read.

An article that has steadily maintained a number of views has been Just another teenage murder. Written in the wake of Ola Apena’s conviction for the murder of Samuel Ogunro in South London, I wanted to raise awareness of the tragedy of teenage murder, bring attention to lack of media coverage and the relationship between violent crime and inequality in society. This post was also “shared” via social media, the most.

The day we marched was a write-up of the “March for the Alternative”, massive demonstration in London against government spending cuts. It was a thrilling day, I still get tingles down my spine just thinking about it.

My poetry has had less views in number, but some people have been kind enough to tell me when something I had written particularly touched them. A visit to the Youth Offending Team was the most popular and others that were enjoyed were Daring? and Dubai Mall vs. The Labour Camp.

Upon arriving in Australia I wrote Adelaide occupied and an assumption busted, a tribute to the activists who brought the Occupy movement to my new home town.

A couple of my own favourites are actually those written by others, Memories of Northern Ireland and Memories of the Wapping Dispute. I hope to publish others’ personal accounts of past experiences, interesting people surround us and if we don’t learn from history, we won’t advance as a society. One of the most significant articles for me was Leaving the Youth Offending Service, which was a signficant event in my life and which I used to pay tribute to my colleagues who continue to toil for the young people who need it so much.

Have a Happy New Year everybody, thanks for reading.


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One Response to PPE top posts of 2011

  1. Philip Duval says:

    I have been going through loads of unread emails and it’s lead me to look at a lot of PPE posts which I hadn’t read when first published. You probably have many more people reading your pieces on email without actually coming to the blog itself. You’ve built up a really nice body of work and I’ve especially liked the insights into youth offending work and the articles written by your Northern Irish friend and the former printer. It’s the personal element which makes it all the more powerful – something the corporate media cannot hope to replicate.

    Many thanks and happy new year

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