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Collective action

click, tweet, share, send, goes The Revolution. Advertisements

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Women, the media and “lifestyle”

Have you ever noticed the stark similarity of the covers on women’s and men’s magazines? Wander through your local newsagent, in two separate sections you will notice the glare of human flesh and lipstick. At first consideration it might seem … Continue reading

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Australia day, happy for who?

I have survived my first Australia Day, 26th January, a Public Holiday when one is expected to eat barbecue lamb, drink beer, listen to Triple J’s hottest one hundred, adorn oneself with Australia flags and go to the beach. We … Continue reading

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An equality conundrum: how much is too much?

To everyone who reads this blog, my apologies for not having posted in a while. The primary reason for my silence was that my little family of three, is now due to become four. Everything with that and managing a … Continue reading

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