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Armchair activism for beginners

Once upon a time, engaging in a political or social movement required effort. It required word of mouth, leafleting, coercion of the media, public meetings and most importantly, it required people to get off their backsides. These elements of political … Continue reading

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The Occupy Cycle of Change

The Occupy movement flared brightly and for a period, captured the attention of the media worldwide. That level of interest has receded but against some expectations, Occupy persists and shows no sign of disappearing. One of the criticisms of Occupy … Continue reading

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Sorry speech, third anniversary

Today is the third anniversary¬† Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s “Sorry Speech”, a landmark occasion in Australian history, which opened like this; “I move: That today we honour the indigenous peoples of this land, the oldest continuing cultures in human history. … Continue reading

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The nice side of the fence

Light shines through gently swaying green against a backdrop of deep blue. Birds call to each other as I rest peacefully here. Grey cages and barbed wire confined to the peripheral. Jangling keys and banging doors detain torturted souls within.

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The 13th Day in Aboriginal South Australia

I received a forwarded email on 17 January 2012, note the date, it is significant. The email had a letter attached, written by Tauto Sansbury, Aboriginal Advocate, a man who has been at the fore of Aboriginal Affairs for the … Continue reading

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Collective action

click, tweet, share, send, goes The Revolution.

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Women, the media and “lifestyle”

Have you ever noticed the stark similarity of the covers on women’s and men’s magazines? Wander through your local newsagent, in two separate sections you will notice the glare of human flesh and lipstick. At first consideration it might seem … Continue reading

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