So who the hell am I and what gives me the right to rant at you? The clear answer the the second part of this question is, nothing. I have no right to rant at you. But these blog-a-me-things are free don’t you know, so you don’t have to have a right to rant. Hurrah!

I am a Probation Officer by trade, with four years experience working with adult offenders and another four working with young offenders. Seven of those eight years have been spent working in inner-city boroughs with high crime-rates and significant social issues. Sounds tough right? You should have seen the fear in my eyes when this boy from the suburbs was told he would be working in Hackney. Nonetheless, these experience opened my eyes to the challenges for people who are socially excluded and I gained a passion for assisting those people.

In the U.K. I was a member of the Green Party and the public-sector union, Unison, so you get an idea of my political leanings. With my wife and son I have emigrated to Australia, where I have again found that the Green Party is the most attractive to me. I am again working in Youth Justice, with no particular intentions of a career change.


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