Support PPE

If you like anything that you read on PPE, you can help by sharing the post with your friends or anyone you think might be interested. A lot of views of my blog come through facebook (which although it has it’s uses, I’m pretty sure is surreptitiously taking over the world, along with Tesco) so please just hit the “facebook” button at the bottom of the post and spread the word. There’s a tweeting button too, I think someone looked at PPE via Twitter, once, so I guess you could hit that one too if you feel so inclined.

I write PPE because I care about every issue discussed, it has also become something of a hobby. I don’t want or expect to make any financial gain from it. However, if your conscience simply won’t allow you to read and not make a contribution of some kind, a split-screen VW campervan would probably provide me with some extra motivation.


1 Response to Support PPE

  1. davidsidhom says:

    Hey mate, want some help with designing this? Can do you sum logos, and sort out a nice theme for you? Free ofcourse! Send me a message. Dave

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