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Murder in Georgia, sanctioned by the state

On 19 August 1989, Mark McPhail, an off-duty police officer in Georgia was murdered. Troy Davis was arrested and charged. Despite there being no physical evidence and the murder weapon never having been found, he was convicted and sentenced to … Continue reading

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Is all lost? Put down To the ground Will the rich prevail To the sound Of jangling pounds? Success of wealth Ever resound Knowing no bounds? Or will there be change Born out of rage Revolution staged Society, come of … Continue reading

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Penions and pickets

The TUC conference in London has voted unanimously in favour of co-ordinated action over the Government’s pension reform plans. “Unanimous” – a word that leaves little doubt about the stance of public sector workers. I for one think this is … Continue reading

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Learning from tragedy

The ten-year anniversary of the 11 September attacks has, unsurprisingly, attracted an enormous amount of attention. It was a momentous day in our lives and we have all felt the after-effects in one way or another.  The personal accounts that … Continue reading

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Politics, Poetry and Equality goes international….

…well sort of. I have visions of one day reporting exotic tales of intrigue, daring and adventure from liaisons with left-wing guerillas in South American jungles, Aboriginal communities in the Australian interior and survivors of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. … Continue reading

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