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The nice side of the fence

Light shines through gently swaying green against a backdrop of deep blue. Birds call to each other as I rest peacefully here. Grey cages and barbed wire confined to the peripheral. Jangling keys and banging doors detain torturted souls within. … Continue reading

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Collective action

click, tweet, share, send, goes The Revolution.

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Dare to feel the stomach pangs of a starving child, dare to understand the sorrow of a desperate mother, dare to feel the helplessness of the father who cannot protect. Dare to feel the fear of a community persecuted for … Continue reading

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Feet on the streets

Members balloted, Votes counted, Empty desks, Quiet office, Many Voices speak, A phone rings. Feet on the streets, Many Voices, louder, Demands aloft, Noble People march, Message delivered, Listen.

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Dubai Mall vs The Labour Camp

To our friends in Dubai. I woke up cold, I’d left the air-conditioning on all night. I spent the night in a tiny room, with eight other men, no windows. I had coffee and a croissant for breakfast. I prayed … Continue reading

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A visit to the Youth Offending Team

Low Self Esteem comes in through the door Behavioural Difficulty enters reception Anger, Anger and Anger give their names. Poverty slumps on a worn out chair releases a sigh and wonders where Opportunity is. Poor Parenting is called into an … Continue reading

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Is all lost? Put down To the ground Will the rich prevail To the sound Of jangling pounds? Success of wealth Ever resound Knowing no bounds? Or will there be change Born out of rage Revolution staged Society, come of … Continue reading

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