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The Occupy Cycle of Change

The Occupy movement flared brightly and for a period, captured the attention of the media worldwide. That level of interest has receded but against some expectations, Occupy persists and shows no sign of disappearing. One of the criticisms of Occupy … Continue reading

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The 13th Day in Aboriginal South Australia

I received a forwarded email on 17 January 2012, note the date, it is significant. The email had a letter attached, written by Tauto Sansbury, Aboriginal Advocate, a man who has been at the fore of Aboriginal Affairs for the … Continue reading

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Dare to feel the stomach pangs of a starving child, dare to understand the sorrow of a desperate mother, dare to feel the helplessness of the father who cannot protect. Dare to feel the fear of a community persecuted for … Continue reading

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Inequality in the gut

This statement about inequality made me sit up and take notice, Robert Jensen quoted in Beyond White Guilt by Sarah Maddison; “Somewhere down in our guts we understand that in an oppressive system….. the unearned privileges with which we live … Continue reading

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Dubai Mall vs The Labour Camp

To our friends in Dubai. I woke up cold, I’d left the air-conditioning on all night. I spent the night in a tiny room, with eight other men, no windows. I had coffee and a croissant for breakfast. I prayed … Continue reading

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Adelaide Occupied and an assumption busted

Leaving London for Adelaide presented me with a number of considerations. One entry in the “Con” column was an assumption that the type of political activity available in London, would not be available in Adelaide. Out of hope rather than … Continue reading

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Leaving the Youth Offending Service

Friday was my last day at the Youth Offending Service (YOS), it was also my last working day in London and in the U.K., at least for the forseeable future. Australia and a new set of challenges beckons. A combination … Continue reading

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