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PPE top posts of 2011

I have noticed on other blogs that I follow, posts indicating the most popular articles of the year just gone. In a desperate attempt to avoid originality, I thought I would do the same. Below are some of the posts … Continue reading

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Barry Mizen on teenage murder

The violent loss of a son or daughter is something that most people will not ever have to endure, but for one family this became a horrific reality on Boxing Day 2011 when 18 year-old Seydou Diarrasouba was stabbed to … Continue reading

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2011; A year of unrest

If 2011 could be remembered for anything, it should surely be the year that people around the globe registered their displeasure. It has been exciting, frightening and brought new concepts into the public conscience. My review will not be exhaustive, … Continue reading

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PPE Christmas message

It’s that time of year again, trees are decorated, tinsel is strategically draped, presents are bought and possibly wrapped, Christmas songs play incessantly in every shop although they don’t seem to be filling the santa hat-wearing staff with cheer. I … Continue reading

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Dare to feel the stomach pangs of a starving child, dare to understand the sorrow of a desperate mother, dare to feel the helplessness of the father who cannot protect. Dare to feel the fear of a community persecuted for … Continue reading

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PPE trespassing in Australia

As discussed in Australia and new challenges, I have become interested in the issue of equality for Indigenous Australians the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. I intend to expand on the issues once I have learned more myself, however … Continue reading

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Feet on the streets

Members balloted, Votes counted, Empty desks, Quiet office, Many Voices speak, A phone rings. Feet on the streets, Many Voices, louder, Demands aloft, Noble People march, Message delivered, Listen.

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