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The Occupy Cycle of Change

The Occupy movement flared brightly and for a period, captured the attention of the media worldwide. That level of interest has receded but against some expectations, Occupy persists and shows no sign of disappearing. One of the criticisms of Occupy … Continue reading

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2011; A year of unrest

If 2011 could be remembered for anything, it should surely be the year that people around the globe registered their displeasure. It has been exciting, frightening and brought new concepts into the public conscience. My review will not be exhaustive, … Continue reading

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Feet on the streets

Members balloted, Votes counted, Empty desks, Quiet office, Many Voices speak, A phone rings. Feet on the streets, Many Voices, louder, Demands aloft, Noble People march, Message delivered, Listen.

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Adelaide Occupied and an assumption busted

Leaving London for Adelaide presented me with a number of considerations. One entry in the “Con” column was an assumption that the type of political activity available in London, would not be available in Adelaide. Out of hope rather than … Continue reading

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How does “The 99%” become The 99%?

Mother Soapbox and I paid a visit to the London Stock Exchange Occupation on Tuesday.  Despite a chilling wind which had us dashing for a cuppa fairly swiftly, I’m very pleased to report that the camp is sturdy and well-equipped, … Continue reading

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The tide of protest – Occupy Wall Street

Last Saturday, Occupy Wall Street protestors shut down Brooklyn Bridge as part of a campaign against corporate influence in politics and the greed and corruption of the top 1%. There was a showdown with the NYPD and 700 protestors were … Continue reading

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